"So throw away those Lamentations,
We both know them all too well.
If there's a Book of Jubilations,
We'll have to write it for ourselves.."

-Josh Ritter

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The many moods of Nora Lee

Here's Nora Lee's weekend in photo form.

She Trick or Treated as a lovely fairy.

Wait for it.....

Aaaaaaaand she cut insulation for her chicken house.

I love my kid.

Coop Mahal

The time has come for the unveiling of the coop that will make all the other chickens (and kinda me, too) jealous. Imagine Vanna White standing in front of it in gold lame and a deep, manly voice-over taking over for me from here on out.

Here we see the swankiest chicken coop in Duluth proper. The front is old slate roofing tiles that were picked up and expertly installed by Andrew Knutson of Knutson Custom Construction (these guys fixed our kitchen and kept the roof from falling in on us- hooray!). Some of the windows were salvaged from that kitchen project and others were ripped out of Carl's house when he remodeled.

The ridiculously nice cedar siding was also removed from Carl's house in favor of log siding.

The front door was handmade out of cedar by Andrew Knutson.

In case this isn't quite nice enough for you yet, Eric elected to spend an evening stamping a metal sheet for the front of the nest boxes.
Holy moly! Between the time and materials that many people have put into this project, I owe a lot of folks eggs! Thanks to everyone who got involved!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So far so good...

Yeah, this is exciting stuff. We have house wrap and lath and a roof and some windows!

I snuck this picture of Grandpa Dan hard at work on the chicken house during his vacation. Pretty generous, considering he strongly dislikes chickens. I suspect he likes Nora, though. And she likes chickens. I also suspect he likes eggs.
Thanks, Grandpa Dan!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chicken Coop (Part Deux)

I have officially lost track of what project day we are on. However, I can show you our progress! As Nora said last night, "My chicken house is really cool."

Here we are this past Saturday, putting up the walls. We have walls! That's Cindy and Carl Haensel with Eric in the background. We owe them dozens of eggs. Dozens.

And also, a big shout out to Nora Lee for taking a seven hour nap, thereby allowing us to frame a chicken house. Hooray for what's going around!

Nest boxes framed in:

And now we're up to this morning. It's starting to look like a building, eh?

Well, what do you do when you see a seagull?